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Promotion and Assessment System

  1. The student must appear for every examination.
  2. The student who have less than 80% attendance will neither be allowed to appear for the Annual Examination nor promoted to the next class.
  3. The results once declared by the School Management will be final and will not be considered. The answer copy of the Annual Examination will not be shown to the students or parents.
  4. A student who fails twice in the same class or who is above average age by two years or more, due to the failure in different classes, will not be permitted to continue her studies in the school.
  5. Information will be gathered about students in natural setting and they will be assessed in a planned and purposeful manner.
  6. The behavior of the students will be recorded in a systematic way.
  7. Students are required to complete their class work, homework and projects which would be based on text or outside text books.
  8. Students will be assessed from time to time in co-curricular activities.

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