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The new session for class X and XII commenced on 12th March 2018. a special morning assembly was conducted . It started with a prayer service seeking blessing of the Almighty . The scriptures were read followed by prayers and petitions . Our Principal Sr. Ramona welcomed them and encouraged them with her words of wisdom. She urged the students to work hard to score well and to study happily and should not consider academics as burden.


On 14th March our school celebrated the 'Sophians Day' with the students of classes X and XII. Our principal Sr. Ramona fliped the pages of Sophia's history by telling how Sophia came into existence and about the founder founder of our school RT. Rev. Bishop Fortunatus Henri Coumont and co-founder Rev. Mother Mary Matilda . They had to undergo a lotof troubles to make today happen.



The new session for classes VI to IX started on 2nd April 2018 . A special assembly was conducted . the theme of the assembly was 'Prayer for Life' . The students were told about the importance of prayer in life . The assembly consisted of prayer service , and the new students were welcomed.


Goals are the most important milestone of a person's life . Keeping this in mind our school organised a seminar for the classes X and IX on 3rd April 2018 in order to set a goal in life . Miss Shreya a counsellor guided the students . She acquainted the students about various methods that can be used to improve their learning skills. The students were made to play puzzles and games . She also briefed them on how to keep awayfrom distraction and be determined towards their goals.
It was indeed a great experience


A special assembly was conducted in memory of the founderRt. Rev. Bishop Fortunatus Henri Caumont's death anniversary on 4th April 2018.

The principal Sr. Ramona aqquainted the students about the struggles faced by the people and the achievements of the founder . He had to undergo many problems for the upliftment of the girlchild and education for girls . His aim was to impart education to girls .


A special assembly was conducted to commemorate the festival of Ressuruction of Christ, Easter. Fr. Prasad, the Parish priest prayed for the well being of the students , staff and their famlies . Blessing of the school was done by sprinkling showers of Holy Water The meritorious students were awarded with gold , silver and bronze medal for their performance in various olympiads . The basketball team was felicitated who were declared as the best basketball team in the camp held in Madhya Pradesh . O ur Principal Sr. Ramona honoured the students and encouraged them with her words of appreciation.


On 21st April , 2018 , various competitions were held for the students of classes VI to IX . A ctivities like story telling, elocution, extempore and Nukkad Natak were held It was an inter-class competition . Each participant did their best to win the contest. These activities are conducted to develop confidence and competitive spirit among the students . It also helps in an all round developement of a student. The principal Sr. Ramona appreciated the efforts put by the students and awarded the winners and also encouraged the students with her words of wisdom.

Institutin Day

ON 26th April 2018, our school celebrated its 97th year of estabilshment which is also known as Institution day. It satarted with the lighting of the lamp by the principal Sr. Daisy followed by prayers and petitions. Prayers were affered for the develpoment of the school , well being of the Sisters, Staff, and Students. The students were acquainted with the brief history of the institution. Quiz was also conducted to check on how much students know about the school. The Vice Principal Sr. Daisy addressed the students and urged them to keep the Sophian flag soaring with pride. The assembly concluded with Sophian Anthem.

Workshop on Art of Cooking

On 25th April 2018, Chef Jaya Ailani fron South Africa visited our school and addressed the Home Science students. She taught the art of cooking exotic Italian and Chinese. The students enjoyed and learnt a lot. It was wonderful exprience for the students . The chef also shared expriences of her journey of life. The school presented her the memento, a token of our love and gratitude and extended thanks for taking time from her busy schedule and sparing time.

Visit to Arch Academy

The students of Home Science visited Arch academy to attend a carrer counselling session on 13th April 2018. An exhibition was laid up by the academy which show cased the talent of their students. Our students paricipated enthusiastically in jewellery designing. The students were briefed with the various courses the academy offers. It was a good learning axperience.

Investiture Ceremony

The Office Bearers for the academic session of 2018-2019 were entrusted with responsibilites on 28th April 2018. The members of the student council, Principal Sr.Ramona Manager Sr. Sangeeta and Vice Principal Sr. Daisy were escorted by the NCC cadets to the stage. The solemn ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the principal Sr. Ramona , Manager Sr. Sangeta , vice principal Sr. Daisy and the newly appointed Head Girl Dinple Agarwal followed by prayers and petitions . Then the Principal pinned the badge to the Head Girl and the Captains of the four houses . Manager Sr.Sangeeta and Vice Principal also pinned badges to other office bearers . The Head Girl extended her gratitude and urged students co-operations to carry out their duties successfully . The Secretary, Students Council Ancahl Mehta proposed vote of thanks . The ceremony cocluded with the taking oath and promising to serve the institution with dedication and honesty . In the end the Sophian Anthem was sung.



Following the tradition of the school, worker's day was celebrated in the school on May 1st 2018. The bhayajies and baijies were escorted by Sister Ramona , Sr. Sangeeta and Sr. Daisy to the school hall.The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by prayers and petitions . A small cultural programme was orgainised to entertain the workers . Dance from primary and seconday were enthralling . Games were also conducted for them . They were feliciated with the gift from the Management ,Staff and Students . The Principal Sr. Rmaona thanked and praised the efforts of the workers.


Our school organised an oral health session for the students of class 9th and class 10th on May 7th 2018. Dr. Shiva Gupta M.D.S Orthodontist addressed the students. Through the session the students were guided on how to take care of teeth . They were also acquainted with various dental problems. She also briefed the students with the treatment procedure.


The school organised a career counselling session for the students of classes Xth to XIIth on 10 th and 11 th MAY 2018 . It was a proud moment as the precious gems of our institution came as the counsellors Dr. Megha Sharma SMS hospital guided the students about the oppurtunities in Medical sciences , MS. Parul Tiwari counselled the students on how to choose career . Ms. Noreen Deshwali , fashion merchandiser a core producer in technology guided the students about NIFT. Ms. Prabha Dixit assistant professor of JNU briefed the students with oppurtunities in mass communicatin , journalism and E-News. Ms. Roma Singhal briefed the students about content writing . It was an amazing and motivating session which can help the students to reach the pinnacle of success . The Secretary English Club Ms. Nandini Ramola Das expressed gratitude to the resource persons for taking out time and acquainting the students with career options . The students look forward for such sessions . Our School always arrange for such informative and valuable sessions from students and staff.


Twenty one NCC cadets of class X attended the CATC camp at the VIT campus , jagatpura from 14TH June to 23rd June 2018. The cadets got chance to enhance many skills. As per the moto of NCC says, “Unity and Dicipline”, they learnt time management, perseverance and many values which shaped their code of conduct as well.

Many competitions were held and our cadets stood first in parade and dance competitions. In the rifel shooting category and quiz our school bagged 2nd position. It was possible because of constant support and encouragement from our Sr. Ramona , the teachers and mentors throughout the camp.


With heavy heart we bade adieu to our principal Sr. Ramona on 13th May, 2018. The staff Representative presented a bouquet wishing her all success for the new venture which she has to undertake. A special prayer service was held in which teachers read from the Holy Bible and dedicated prayers and petitions seeking God’s blessings for our dear Sister Ramona. May God bless her with good health of mind and body so that she can carry her assigned duties to the best of her abilities.


Welcome to New Principal

After a relaxing summer break the school reopened on 2nd July, 2018. There was great excitement to greet the new principal Sister Arlene along with Middle Section incharge Sister Selma and primary section incharge Sister Prasanna. A special Assembly was organised in the school premise. The Assembly started with Prayers and petitions by teachers. Manager Sister Sangeeta introduced the new Principal Sister Arlene to the school. Sister Arlene addressed the assembly saying that she was happy and excited to be part of the institution. We Wish her all the best for the new venture and for all future endeavours.

English Excellence Day

English Excellence Day was celebrated on 9th July, 2018. A session on interactive English was held by our school for the students of class XII C. Many presentations were prepared on homonyms and the most confusing words in English. After watching presentations, children were asked to recall the words that were presented and to speak on a particular word for a minute. It was an educative session to help us score better marks in examination and excel in the skills to face competitive examinations.


ON 12Th July 2018, time table presentation/ display competition was held for the session 2018- 19 in which all classes VI- XII participated with enthusiasm and creativity. Every class vived with one another with exciting ideas and innovations. The results of the competitions are as follows:

XI XI D and E XI C

A seminar was held for the girls of class VI and VII by Proctor And Gamble India limited. It was about menstruation and to maintain proper hygine during their period. Mrs. Parul the resource person created awareness differentiate between bad touch and good touch along with tips for being hygienic. She also told the students that periods are not a curse but a basic process which every women and girl has to go through. Mothers also were also active participants in this seminar.

Bare- Knuckle Boxing

The word “Sports” has always been an integral part of learning in St. Angela Sophia School, Jaipur

“Don’t count the days but make days count”, as the motto of our school’s sports team. Boxer Kanishka Naruka of grade 8, has brought laurels to the school. She participated in the 13th Sub-Junior Girls District Championship, 2018 , held at Kota. She bagged Gold medal in weight category 48-50 Kg and bagged Bronze medal in weight category Below 13, organized by Rajasthan Boxing Association .

Kudos! To the young champion for making sophians proud. Her achievement will ring through the history of the school.


On 14Th july the students of class 8Th to 12Th were introduced to MUN (Model United Nation) . It is an organisation which gives aplatform to the students of different schools and colleges around the world to represent their country at the international level. Mr. Nirankush Singh and Ms. Bhavunaik Shekhawat acquainted the students about the same. After listening to them, all the students were really enthusiastic to participate in the MUN which will be conducted on 11th and 12th of August, 2018 at DRIT (Dr. Radha Krishnan Institute of Technology). Participating in MUN was a really a great opportunity for the students to represent their school and enhance speaking and Debating skills and get new experiences.

Workshop on Election

On 27th July, 2018 an informative interactive session on the process of enrolling names in electoral rolls was held. The session emphasised the need and fight of every Indian citizen to exercise their vote freely and wisely. It involved a power point presentation on the importance of voting, process of enrolment and process of casting votes. Videos were also included to make the concept of elections comprehensible. Basic information on complex subjects such as NSUP, VVPAT etc. It was imparted in fun and interesting ways. An interactive quiz was held to test the knowledge of the students.

The session was held by ma’am Thangham Jacob and was inspected by member of Election Commission - Shantosh Sharma to check whether it was correspondence, with the guidelines or not.

Regional Essay Writing Competition

On 31stJuly, 2018 a Regional essay-writing competition was being organised in the school for Christian students. It emphasised basically to promote catholic lay participation and create awareness on various issues within the constituent elements of the church.

Our catholic and non-catholic students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students outpoured their expressions and creativity through their writing skills.

The topics for the essay were-

a) A family is that prays together, stays together.

b) The holy family of Nazareth should be our ideal.

FAREWELL to Mrs. Vandana Mathur and Mr. S.D Sharma

The school bade farewell to our pillars Mrs. Vandana Mathur and Mr. S.D. Sharma on 14th July who rendered their services to the institution. A special prayer services was conducted seeking God’s grace on both of them and their families. The students showed their love and gratitude through an enthralling entertainment programme in the form of dance, drama and songs. Mrs. Alka and Mrs. Shefali through their address threw light on their dedicated services to the institution. The Principal Sr. Arlene thanked them for their contribution to the institution and wished them good.


Prize distribution ceremony

On 3rd of August, 2018 a prize distribution ceremony was held for the students who showed outstanding performance in AIPO (All India Proficiency Oxyopia). Principal, Sr. Arlene awarded medallions and certificates. She motivated the students with her inspirational thoughts, ideas and gave better ways to improve academics as well as co-curricular activities. Two students of our school secured 4th and 9th rank at the national level. They received medals, certificates and a gift hamper

Hiroshima Day

A special assembly was conducted depicting the devastation and horrors suffered by inhabitants of Japan at the end of the World War II.

The students of the history section, under the guidance of Ma’am Aditi Das, presented a mime which exhibited the dominance of the U.S.A and the forceful surrender of the Japanese after the atomic bombardment on the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945 and Nagasaki on 9th August, 1945. This was the first time a nuclear weapon was experimented by dropping in places densely populated.

The students enacted according to the whole scenario which took place on 6th & 9th August, 1945.The enactment was to bring out the need of peace amongst the nations and need of U.N to bring people together so that everyone co-exist in harmony. The assembly concluded with words of appreciation by Principal Sr. Arlene.

Science Day

On the 10th August 2018, our school organised “The Fusion Forum 2018” an Inter School Science Competition to commemorate the 99th birth Anniversary of Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai. The fiesta enfolded a cornucopia of events.

Many exaltating events took place such as Aryabhatta Science Quiz, Power of expression (Debate competition) and Fantastical Faces (Face painting competition).The conclave was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Ashok Kumar Nagawat and the Guest of Honour was Dr. K. Venkatratnam Kamma and Dr. Sushma Chauchan. More than 30 schools participated in the event and won many prizes.

Seminar for classes IX to XII

On 8th August, 2018, an interactive session was organised by the school for the classes IX to XII . The seminar was conducted by the counsellor Ms. Kavita Bhargava. The session was conducted to create awareness in the students regarding the issues and problems of adolescence. She acquainted the students various useful ways and health tips regarding the maintenance of physical and mental hygiene .It was indeed a very informative, interactive session which guided the students to live a healthy and happy during adolescence.

Visit to M.U.N

On 11th and 12th of August the students of classes IX to XII attended the DRIT MUN 2018 at the DR. Radhakrishnan Institute of Technology. It was an enriching experience. For oratory skills and productive research our school was felicitated with the best delegation award. Besides this, Kanvika Sharma of class XII Humanities bagged the outstanding Delegate Award along with cash prize of Rs. 4000/-. Aanchal Mehta of class XII Humanities and Mugdha Pareek of class IX were appreciated for their oratory skills.

Independence Day Celebration

On 15th August our school celebrated 72nd Independence day with great pomp and show. Mrs. Rashmi Nawal, Civil Judge and Magistrate , Metropolitan of Raj. High Court , an Ex- Angelitie was the Chief Guest. The celebration started with hoisting of the flag followed by National Anthem. A special prayer service was conducted to bless the nation and its leaders. Many dances and songs were presented capturing and treating eyes bringing out patriotism. Many motivational speeches were presented by many students on patriotism.The Chief Guest appreciated all the programmes that depicting the Nationalism, she addressed the students with scintillating speech to instil in the students the feeling of patriotism. During dispersal students were given sweets that made the day a memorable one.

Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi making competition was held on 18th August, 2018 for the classes VI to VIII. Children exhibited their skills and craftsmanship using waste material, made beautiful varied rakhi. Every child vived with one another to bring out the best. At the end splendid rakhi display captured the attentions of everyone. All the winners were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

Prize Distribution

On 24th August, 2018 after the morning assembly meritorious students of classes VI –XII were awarded for securing the highest rank in academics in their respective sections and also for achieving cent percent attendance in the previous session 2017-2018. Trophies, medals and certificates were given to the students. Principal Rev. Sr. Arlene was very proud to see a huge number of meritorious students who were felicitated them with trophies and certificates.

Visit to the Pearl Institute

On 24th August, 2018 , a workshop at Pearl Institute of Fashion was conducted for the Humanities students of XII. The students were warmly welcomed by the hospitable staff and students of the Institute itself.

The students then proceeded to the auditorium where they were enrichly acquainted with the career prospects open for the students of Arts and Creative Science. The session was an informative one where the students under the able guidance of Mr. Prateek Sudhakaran (Architect) were told about the three fields related to creative sciences, namely Practise, Education and Research. The workshop was equipped with the hands on guidance from professionals of their respective fields.

The Trial and Error workshop helped them all to find their skill areas and have practical experience of learning and working under proffesionals. It was followed by the photography session. The students were provided with refreshments.

The Heritage City Tour

ON 24th August, 2018 the students of XI Humanities section went on a heritage visit of our own city Jaipur. The students visited the City Palace where they were priviledged to see the Armory Section, Art and Photography gallery, ancient era textiles and Sabha Niwas. Then the students proceeded to the Albert Hall Museum where the Persian Mummy named “Tutu” was the main centre of attraction.A quiz was conducted related to knowledge imparted to the students. Pendants were awarded to the students who gave the correct answer. It was a very expansive experience for every student attending the workshop. It also helped the students to explore their own city.

National Sports Day

On 29th August, 2018 in memory of Major Dhyanchand School observed National Sports Day in school, a special Assembly was conducted. Prayers and petitions were offered for sportsmen of our country and for a healthly nation. A passage was read out on the importance of sports and games. The primary and middle sections displayed their skills in Taekwando. Classes IX to XII presented a suchronised display of drills. Principal Sr. Arlene motivated students the need of physical exercises reiterating the old age” Beautiful mind rests in beautiful body.” She also appreciated the efforts of Mr. Sherley Massey, Mr. Sangeet Thomas, Mr. R.K. Sharma for their contribution to see that children maintain their health through games, sports and physical drills.

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