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Guidelines to Parents

1. When communicating with school authorities, parents are requested to mention in their letter the full name, class and section of their ward.
2. Parents/ Guardians are requested to look into the school diary of their wards daily and see that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the Diary should be seen and counter signed regularly.
3. Declaration Form Page should be carefully filled in by the parents.
4. If you observe that your ward is not assigned home-work for sometime or that she is unable to follow the lessons, the Sister in-charge should be contacted.
5. Parents / Guardians are requested not to visit the classroom during school hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
6. If a student remains absent for more than three days then the parent / gaurdian should send an application mentioning the reason of absence. In case of sickness, Medical Certificate should be submitted along with the application.
7. Private tuitions are to be discouraged. Parents are not permitted to approach the school staff for tuitions for their wards. In case your daughter requires help, the tuitions should not be given by the class teacher or subject teacher of this school.
8. Criticism of a student’s teacher or her school in her presence should be scrupulously avoided because it causes the student to lose respect for her teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from her. If you have a legitimate complaint, contact the Principal.
9. Withdrawal of a child from classes for social functions is not recommended. This retards the child’s progress in school and minimizes her zeal for regular work.
10. Speaking in English and reading of newspaper in English is essential for every student.
11. No celebration of birthdays or other festivals are allowed in school. We also do not allow the students to exchange gifts with their friends.
12. Parents are requested to attend every Parent-Teacher Meeting during the academic session.
13. Parents are expected not to threaten, warn or talk to any other student directly without bringing the matter to the notice of the Principal.
14. Parents are requested not to give mobile phones to their ward.
15. School authorities are not responsible for the children after the school hours.

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