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Co – Curricular Activities

Participation of the students in different co – curricular activities makes them lead an enthusiastic and active life by developing awareness and cultivates such traits of character, as self mastery, discipline, courage and confidence under the able guidance of teachers.

Dramatics Club

English and Hindi – To develop multi skills, action based activities – Proficiency in writing, communication, reference skill – through dramatizing and Miming role plays, recitation of poems, debates and speeches, language game, narration and value-based skits.

Maths Club

To develop interest in mathematics as a problem solving tool to acquaint student with different aspects of mathematics used in daily life. To develop skills like reasoning, puzzle solving, operations of calculators and computers.

Dance Club

To familiarize the students with rich folk and culture and its legacy through performing various dances. To fulfill aesthetic desire, to develop rhyme and music in their life.

Art and Craft Club

It aims to develop creative expression. It helps a child to develop skills in art and craft through the process of experimentation and exploration, the various form of art and craft includes drawing and painting, collage work, clay modeling, pottery making, hand and face painting etc.

Health and wellness Club

To make the students physically, mentally and emotionally fit. To develop interest in exercise, sports and games. To develop habits of personal hygiene and cleanliness. To inculcate among student the desired habit and attitude towards health.

Eco Club

This club helps the child to appreciate environment, exposing the child to environmentental issues and basic necessities of life. Familiarization of the students with eco problems – through Nukad Natak, skits, songs and charts etc.

N.C.C. Club

The main aim of introducing NCC Club is to create a feeling of patriotism in the students. Various camps are organised to train them to live a life of discipline. It also helps to develop leadership qualities.

Sports Club

It trains students to use their leisure time by acquiring knowledge of sports, fitness, wellness, and good posture to lead an active life – by different games like Basket Ball, Badminton, Tennis, T.T., and Short Put etc.


Making the students eco friendly and develop love for nature by raising of flowers, vegetables, plants, plans and methods of plant protection. By developing knowledge of seasonal Vegetation, climate, soil etc through planting trees, projects, experiments, identification of plants etc.

Yoga Club

It trains the students by providing fitness exercise programme. Development of mental and physical fitness through Yoga.

First Aid-Club

Training the students in the management of simple injuries and emergencies. Students are acquainted with common diseases and their cure, first-aid and measures.

Social Science Club

The activities of this club inculcate an attitude of care and concern for others, specially the deprived section of society. To encourage them to share and help by visiting, sharing through interaction, organizing programmes. To teach them to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy.

Home Science Club

This club helps the students to develop essential knowledge and understanding about apparel, desiginning, nutrition and diseases. Acquainting students with planning of diets, nutrients, money management. Involves practical work through experiments, stitching, charts, games and quiz.

Commerce Club

This club develops in students an understanding of the process of business, trade and industry and prepares the students to function responsibly as good consumers, employers, employees and citizens through interschool activities, visits, fairs, quiz, charts etc.

Literacy Programmes

The aim of this club is to encourage students to help and educate the underprivileged section of society by providing help and guidance through teaching programmes like ‘Each One Teach One’.

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