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Co – Curricular Activities

Participation of the students in different co – curricular activities makes them lead an enthusiastic and active life by developing awareness and cultivates such traits of character, as self mastery, discipline, courage and confidence under the able guidance of teachers.


To develop multi skills, action based activities – Proficiency in writing, communication, reference skill – through dramatizing and Miming role plays, recitation of poems, debates and speeches, language game, narration and value-based skits.

Master Mind

Maths is the outcome of analytical minds that are logically inclined towards creative reasoning, development of mathematical thinking with the help of activities has been our approach at St. Angela’s.

Champions Sports Club

It trains students to use their leisure time by acquiring knowledge of sports, fitness, wellness, and good posture to lead an active life – by different games like Basket Ball, Badminton, Tennis, T.T., and Athletics.

House of Arts

Dance, Music, Drawing and Painting enrich a students life and help to develop their physical, mental and spiritual personality. The aim of House Of Arts is to create confident and expressive students by giving them a platform ton exihibit their emotions through Arts.

Tree Huggers

The Tree Huggers club promotes the protection and safeguarding of the environment. The students are encouraged to take steps to prevent the degradation of environment and work towards saving our future.

Clava Scientium

A gathering of creative minds, brimming with innovative ideas is what the Science Club –Clava Scientium of St. angela Sophia Sr. Sec. school looks like.The club organises events that lighten the interest of all those who are keen to learn about the new discoveries and old theories that still hold true.

Creative Crew Club

Creative Club includes that qualitatively, rather than quantitatively ,investigate the Human experiences. This club endeavours at using subjective and rational methods to investigate the human world. Humanities encourage students to think creatively, helps them understand others through languages, History, Literature and Entrepreneurship and help students to build skills incessantly.

The Rainbow Dashers Club

The English Club of our school that aims at developing the four skills of language learning that is L(listening),S(speaking),R(reading) and W(writing) through various activities like debates, elocutions, extempore and quiz and other forms of rhetoric that will not only exhibit the latent talent of pupils but will develop their personality and

Human Rights Club

The Human Rights club aims at spreading awareness among the students about the fundamental rights that is basic to ensure the dignity of an individual for peaceful co-exixstence of citizens residing in the land of diversity with unity.

Budding Entrepreneurs Club

To create future business tycoons organises various industrial and field visits as part of the curriculum.As vocational and practical training the club organises‘Earn and Learn’ programme in which students set up their business as a partnership firm.The club also organises intra and inter school commerce quiz on various themes.

Tech Warriors

The Tech Warriors is an educational and fun group.Our purpose is learn and make students more friendly about computers.The club explores both computer architecture and new application software. Our mission is to promote computer programming and to expand the scope of computer knowledge within the school.The objective of the club is to widen the perspectiveness and allow to get hands on experiences with media.


The Hindi club aims at skill empowernment of students in the present scenario.The empower of expansion,the wisdom by language development and providing a platform for firmness is our aim.The students would recognise their talents through debates,speeches ,extempore and many more activities.

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