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Glimpses of Secondary Section

Creation is Pleasure

"Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teachers and students work with perseverance for pleasure and perfection."

Smart Class


Sophia achieved a new landmark with the introduction of smart classes for the students of H.KG to Ten. The teachers were especially trained to teach the students smartly with the help of smart board

Special Assembly

The beginning of the new academic session was marked by a special assembly. The management, staff and students prayed for love, peace and harmony in the whole world.

Initiation Ceremony

Sophia believes in tradition. The Initiation ceremony was organized on 29 April 2013 for the session 2013-14. The Head Girl, Radhey Tambi and the other members of the students’ council were entrusted with their respective duties and offices. They pledged to abide by the rules of the school and do their duties loyally and diligently. The Head Girl delivered the speech promising on behalf of the Council to do all that is expected of them. Secretary Ancy Anto delivered the vote of thanks. The ceremony was concluded by Sister Principal's speech in which 2 new prizes were announced: 1. For the Best Disciplined Student from each class. 2. For the Best Dancer from each dance group. Awards were also given to the students in various fields. Meritorious students were awarded Cash Scholarship of Rs. 500 to 1000 for their performances in previous classes.

Counselling Sessions

1. The school Management organized personal counselling for the students, teachers and supporting staff members. The resource person was Sister Gabriel. The aim of the counselling session was to help and guide everyone on how to face the problems of life and lead a happy life.

2. Rev. Father Varghese Alengaden from Universal Solidarity Movement, Indore was warmly welcomed by the Sophian family on 12th and 13th April, 2013 for a seminar especially organized to guide the parents of Primary as well as Secondary Section for better upbringing of their children.

3. Dr. Pawan Sinha, popularly known as Astro Guru, visited the school on 18th April 2013 and motivated the students and their parents. His guidance helped the parents to develop a healthy and better relationship with their children.

Farewell to Mrs. Shahnaz Khan

Goodbye is short and final. A word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that, ties the past to future. The school bade farewell to Mrs. Shahnaz Khan on 30 April 2013. Mrs. Shahnaz had been a part of the Sophian family past 33 years. She served the institution as a Primary teacher nurturing the tiny seeds to grow into fruit bearing trees.

Labours Day


In honour of those who make our lives easy by helping in day to day activities, Labours Day was organized on May 1, 2013. The day was also celebrated as the farewell of Sisilia Franklin Baiji who had been rendering her service to the institution since past 20 years. Various programs were organized for their entertainment and gifts were given as a token of appreciation for their work. At the end of the function various games were organized for the workers. The function organized by the school management was successful in its aim of putting a smile on the faces of our workers.

Seminar for Physics Teachers


Child centered education is a sort of rwolt against subject centered education. Child centered education seeks to provide natural flow of activity & spontaneous growth of child. The teachers role is that of an interested observer who guides the students. For this, a conference on “Innovation in Lab” was organized for physics teachers by CPDE department of Rajasthan University. This conference was attended by Mrs. Sushila on 6th & 7th July, 2013 to help encourage & advise students whenever needed.


British council through the connecting classrooms programme reaches out to thousands of school. Focussed on young peoples the longer amme is designed to create sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and school system in UK and all regions and world. Mrs. Archana Vyas attended this seminar which laid emphasis on establishing partnerships which help in building trust and understanding between people in different societies.

Cyber Crime Seminar

Mr. Milind Agarwal, president of Cyber Crime Awareness Society and one of the youngest Cyber Forensic expert working as cyber crime investigation for Rajasthan Police visited the campus on 31st July to enlighten the student of class 10-12. The seminar focused on the different between hacking and ethical hacking, types of cyber crime, etc. He also suggested some ways to secure our personal information or internet.

Special Assembly

As the sophian family met after the summer break, the first day was marked by a special assembly organized to ask God to shower his gracious blessing on each member of the institutional keeping them in follow of his hands and guiding them to do their duties honestly and efficiently.

Seminar at Fortis Escorts Hospital

School is where children spend the maximum time of their formative years. Apart from strong focus on academic training, it is in school that children learn to cope up with transitions & relationships. A seminar organized by fortis Escorts Hospital headed by Dr. Gaurav Rajendra & Dr. Savita Jagawat was attended by Sr. Sejal; The Vice Principle and Mrs. Archana Vyas to learn to make our school a potential resource for incorporating & preventive approach to mental health problems for betterment of students.

Seminar on Traffic Rules (6-10)

A seminar was organized on the importance of traffic rules by the SKYSS, headed by Mr. Yogesh Gupta and Mrs. Kaumudi Gupta for classes 6-10. The man focus was to spread awareness among the students regarding the use, meaning of significance of various symbols used on roads and various traffic.

Media Education Camp

Media Education Camp was organized for 4 days from 15-18 July for students of class 9th headed by father Anand. The seminar emphasized on the need and power of Media. Various interactive session and activities like debate, poster making, newspaper making were also organized. It was a very creative method to create awareness among students in regard to media and develop their interest in this field.

Cyber Crime

A cyber crime awareness seminar was organised by students of Laxmi Niwas Mittal Institute of Information Technology on 29 july for students of class 8-10. The seminar brought to light the increasing rate of cyber crime, their meaning and safety measures. It enlightened the students with the need to adopt safety measures to protect themselves from falling victim to increasing cyber crime.

Mass Media Camp

A mass media camp was organised in St. Xaviers School on July 12 by a DelHi based NGO. This seminar was attented by Mrs. Arti Jain. It focussed on how different softwares can be used to make subject modules on their own. It also threw light on the importance of mass media in education.


"If there is something your heart really desires and if you work to get it with 100% effort then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving it." This was proved by brother Sagar, who despite of being physically handicapped reached great heights. The winner of Noble Peace Award and a member of World Peace Organisation visited the school. He shared his own life experiences how he faced challenges in every phase of life and overcame them. He motivated the students to believe in themselves and do the best in life

Humanities Day


This year a wonderful feather was added to the cap of Sophia, as the Inter School Humanities Day was organized on 1st August. 11 school participated in the competitions. The competitions included storytelling, hasya natika, poster making, caricature and salad making. Our school bagged the 1st prize in storytelling and hasya natika and 2nd in caricature and poster making. Each student enjoyed the program as learning was no longer confined to books.

Science Day


On 6 August, the Science Club organised the Inter-school Aryabhatt Science Quiz Competition. The competitions; debate and quiz were judged by Mrs. Anjali Krishnamurthy, Mrs. Reshma and Fr. Edward Olivera. A total of 22 schools participated. The program started with the debate competition. The topic was Science v/s God. The qualifier round for the quiz was in process simultaneously from which 4 teams were selected for the main round. Step By Step bagged the 1st prize and Sophia stood 2nd. It was a valuable experience for each person.

Commerce Day


The Commerce Club organised the Amartya Sen Inter-school Quiz on 12th August. The judges for the competitions were Rev. Bishop Oswald Lewis and Fr. Thomas. Women empowerment was the theme and 14 schools joined hand to change status of women in our society. The qualifying rounds were Mime and Know Your Product. Sophia bagged the 3rd and 2nd position in the respective rounds. In the quiz, Step By Step bagged the 1st prize and Sophia stood 3rd. Each student was benefited from the program.

Independence Day


"Freedom is not something someone gives you, It is something you earn." On 15th August, Independence Day was celebrated in the school. The School environment was filled with patriotism as the tricolour was unfurled and the national anthem was sung. This was followed with a cultural feast. Speeches were delivered by the students throwing light on the glorious past, present and future of the nation. The program was concluded by Father Renish who motivated the students with this golden words.

Seminar on Sexual Abuse


Mrs. Anita Khatri, a member of Ek Nayi Kalpana programme of Sampoorna Organisation, organised an interactive session for the students of classes VI-XII to make them aware of sexual abuse and empower them so that they can rise their voice against such abuses. She shared the 4-Point Programme designed by their organisation-

  • AWARENESS (To know what is sexual abuse)
  • SAY NO (To raise your voice against the abuse)
  • SELF DEFENCE (To learn some techniques to save yourself in such situations)
  • HELPLINE (A helpline no. to report against such abuses)

The session was very beneficial for each and every student.

Visit To Kusht Ashram


Students of classes VI-XI visited the Sarthak Manav Kushta Ashram near Galta Gate on 23-10-2013 along with Sr. Principal, Sr. Vice Prinicpal, Miss Rahat, Mrs. Tulli and Mrs. Usha. The Management, Staff and the Students provided them with articles of daily needs, financial help and emotional support. It was an opportunity to explore the real life experiences of deprived sections of the society. We enlightened them with the real message of Christmas and helped them to realise the true meaning of joy and happiness.

Diwali Celebration


The most important festival of Hindus, the festival of light- Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm on October 28th ,2013. The programme began with prayer service followed by dances and songs. The message of victory of good over evil was spread all around.



The school campus was filled with fun and frolic on the evening of 28-10-2013 as the Ex-Angelites and the present Sophians of classes XI and XII met for the dandiya evening. The dance party along with the fete was enjoyed by everyone. It was a wonderful experience which will be cherished by everyone forever.



The 5-day excursion to Chandigarh, Dalhousie and Amritsar is one of the best memories the students of class XI have. The Rock Garden of Chandigarh, peaceful atmosphere of Golden Temple and patriotic feelings at Wagah Border left everyone mesmerised. The students of class XI are grateful to the management for organising such a great outing.

Commerce Stalls


The Commerce Club of class XII put up stalls as part of their Business Studies project. The students got a chance to gain practical knowledge about problems and opportunities in Business Studies. The students had set up their own business of Street Food and Delhi Chaat. It was a fun way to learn as well as earn. 10% of the profit was given away as charity by each group. This was a value based practical of Business Studies.

Children’s Day


Bal Mela was organised on November14, 2013 on the occasion of children’s day. The day began with a beautiful cultural programme put up by the Sisters and teachers as an expression of love, care and affection for the students. Stalls of various food items and games were put. It was a great day.

Outreach Programme (Mother Teresa Home)


The students of classes VII C and VII D visited the inmates of Mother Teresa Home on 22-11-2013. The students offered emotional support to these inmates. The Management, Staff and Students provided financial help as well as articles of daily use to them. This experience touched the students hearts and helped them in becoming more sensitive towards the society.

Awareness Rally


The students of class IX and X participated in an awareness rally organised on 23-11-13 and 25-11-13 by the Election Commission. The aim of this rally was to motivate people to access their fundamental right, the Right to choose their representative and cast their vote. This was a great experience for the students. This effort bore fruit as there was a significant increase in the number of voters in the elections of December 2013.

Silver Jubilee


The school celebrated the silver jubilee of Mrs. Renu Srivastava (primary teacher) and Mr. R.K Sharma (Senior Teacher) on December 6,2013 with great enthusiasm. The programme began with prayer service followed by song, dance and drama. The entire school felicitated the teachers for their dedicated service.

Sports Day


A feather was added to the already glittering cap of Sophia as the School celebrated the Annual Sports Day on December 14 ,2013 at the Sports Complex, Rajasthan University. Various activities like March-past, Drills, Aerobics, and Races were organised. All through the year various games like Chess, Basketball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Athletic Events were organised. The winners were awarded for all these events on the Sports Day. Various dignitaries graced the occasion.

The Sophian Cup was bagged by the Emerald House. The programme was concluded with an enthusiastic tug of war between the Ex- Sophians and the class XII students as well as between the students of class XII and XI. The function served as a platform to recognize the hidden talents of Sophians in the field of games and sports.

Seminar On My City


The seminar was organised at Jaipur Palace Hotel on 19-12-2013 by CUTS International in collaboration with The Asia Foundation.Mrs. Jyoti Khandelwal ; Mayor of Jaipur, Mr. Manish Pareek ; Deputy Mayor of Jaipur and Justice V.S. Dane Supreme Court presided over the function and enlightened the people about the Ground Reality of Cleanliness and Hygienic conditions in Jaipur city. The project inception meeting was an extension of My City Phase 1. The main emphasis was on improving quality of municipal services in the city of Jaipur through enhanced civic engagement. The students of class XI participated in this seminar.



The Christmas celebration and the Sports Day Award Ceremony was organized on 22-12-2013 in the school premises. The occasion was graced by the presence of various dignitaries. The cultural programme began with a prayer service followed by dances, songs and skits. The medals for various individual sports activities were given by guests present. Sr. Helen, The Principal, delivered the Christmas message. She explained the true meaning of Christmas and how it can be celebrated not just on one day but each day by spreading love, peace and joy.



The Republic Day function was organized in the school premises on 26 January 2014. The school environment was filled with patriotism and a feeling of love for our motherland prevailed in every heart as the National Flag was hoisted and the National Anthem was sung. The prayer service was followed by the dance, song and speeches. Every performance reflected the love of the students for their nation. The chief guest through his speech congratulated the students on the occasion of 64th Republic Day and inspired them to be greater citizens.



The school bade adieu to the students of class XII on 29 January 2014. The students attended the farewell function with their parents. As the students came up and shared their experiences of the past years in Sophia, the air was filled with mingled feelings. The cultural programme put up by the students of class XI began with prayer service followed by dance, drama and song. It was a wonderful experience for the all the students of class XII and an amazing start to their new journey outside Sophia.

Planetarium trip


On 6th & 7th February an educational tour was organized for the students of class 10 to the Planetarium, Birla Auditorium. It was a great experience for all the students as learning was no longer confined to books. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Welcome to Rev. Sr. Savina , Superior General ,M.S.A and Rev. Sr. Carol, Councillor of Superior General.


It was a moment of great joy for us to be with Rev. Sr. Savina and Rev. Sr. Carol . Sr. Savina enlightened the students and motivated them to have the feeling of being alive. They also inaugurated the exhibition put up by the students of Primary Section and Kindergarten.

“The harmonious blending of academics and activities can take students to the zenith of success, contentment and happiness. This blending can grant them true education and help them to be wonderful human beings. Keeping this view in mind, Sophia tries to develop I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient), E.Q. (Emotional Quotient), S.Q. (Spiritual Quotient) and T. Q. (Thinking Quotient) of all the students through extra co-curricular activities.”

Sr. Helen (Principal)

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