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The beauty of the concept of Mathematics

Anurita Ghiik (Senior Teacher Maths)

God said " Let there be Light" and after seven days of arduous and strenuous labour, our Universe with its amazing paraphernalia of the sun, the moon, the planets and stars, man and beasts, came into existence. There was mathematical precision, constancy and discipline in every sphere, that has lasted till today and promises to continue till infinity. In the words of great mathematicians :

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Poornima Bhagwani (XI B)

Good for nothing! lazy! useless! this is how today's youth has been rated. Today's people believe that Indian youth is useless and their energies cannot be accelerated to reach the summit. Seeing hyperactive youth speeding on their two wheelers and four wheelers with loud music many grown-ups often comment : "these young people are useless ; wasting money and time." But as aptly quoted by Swami Chinmayananda and a proper analysis will admit that "today's youth is not useless , but used less". Their talent and energies are under-utilized . As and when compared to antecedent generation, the younger generation is well informed about the happenings in the world. With internet , facebook and other facilites at our disposal , we have equipped to master the required lessons within a short duration of time , which further leaves us with plenty of time to be well utilized.

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Life without Internet

Licy George (Primary Teacher )

School is the second home for the students. It is here that a child learns to unfurl its wings like a majestic eagle and soar up high into the sky to discover & experience the fun of learning with joy. Little children are like potter’s clay, who need constant moulding & fashioning. In the present day scenario where it is hard to imagine life without internet and the ever advancing pace of technology, the students find themselves completely lost. Gone are the days when libraries were the store houses of information and knowledge.

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