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Generation Gap

Mrs. Jyoti Johnson (P.G.T. Sociology)

Generation gap is growing at an “Alarming Rate…” it is basically the change in attitude and mentality of people. Generation Gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other.

The generation gap has already begun to be felt and is gradually displacing the youth and has contributed to the invalidation of old Taboos.

It is found that the old look backwards while the younger look forward, while the former have vested interests in the status quo, the latter have heavy stakes in the future.

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Day of Enlightenment

By:Nayanika Sharma VII A

I take immense pride in informing you that our school is putting in great efforts to inculcate moral values in the students so as to enable them to become better human beings. Such an effort was taken on Friday, 10th February 2012, when our school organized a seminar for us. The resource person was Rev. Father Tharsis. We greatly enjoyed each and every moment of the seminar. He guided us how to divide our time equally for each subject. He told us how to move on from easy to hard questions during the examination. Rev. Father is so versatile that he even showed us few steps of classical dance. Inspiring presentations about optimistic attitude, life skills, time management, and secret of success were shown in the most interesting way. He remarked, “It is not the aptitude but the attitude that takes us to altitude.” This remark greatly touched us. It was indeed a great learning experience.

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