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Rightly quoted by Sir Albert Einstein, “Mathematics in it’s way, the poetry of logical ideas.” Maths Day was celebrated in the premises of St. Angela Sophia Sr. Sec. School for classes XI and XII with great zeal and enthusiasm. A Qualifying Round was conducted two weeks before the Maths Day through which 4 students were selected from each House. Each team according to their respective houses were given names : Team Trigonometry, Team Geometry, Team Algebra and Team Calculus. During the quiz, there were 5 different rounds, namely, Written Round, Visual Round, Buzzer Round, Rapid Fire Round and last but not the least, The Treasure Hunt. In the last round, i.e. The Treasure Hunt Round, the participants were supposed to find a hidden treasure by solving mathematical problems and cryptic clues. The winner team was awarded with certificates in the presence of Sister Principal who reminded us that, ‘Just as a mountaineer climbs a mountain because it exists, similarly a good mathematics student studies new material because it exists.’

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