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Generation Gap

Mrs. Jyoti Johnson

Generation gap is growing at an “Alarming Rate…” it is basically the change in attitude and mentality of people. Generation Gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other.

The generation gap has already begun to be felt and is gradually displacing the youth and has contributed to the invalidation of old Taboos.

It is found that the old look backwards while the younger look forward, while the former have vested interests in the status quo, the latter have heavy stakes in the future.

The question arises that what is the reason behind all this? Generation gap is basically created by the people themselves. They do not talk to their children and share their own view point. The point is that parents are just too busy with their work and jobs that they do not have time for their children and family. By the time they realize it gets very late.

Apart from this – Mechanical life, ultra modern technology, innovations in education adaption with global market and compulsion of reflecting the moral values are the reasons of generation gap.

The generation gap, however, is a deeper malady than viewed superficially. There may be the following differences between the old and the young:

On ideas on general conduct comprising dress, food habits etc.
Morality, marriages and career.
Family unit breaking up and gradually losing the importance it once had.
Imposition of self righteous attitude of the older generation on the young.

The old generation thinks that the ideas they have had throughout their lives are ultimate and ideal. But the young have always deviated from the older standards and it was well that they did or there wouldn’t have been any change today.

The young should see this predicament of the old and be tolerant and reverential towards them. It will ensure harmony in the society and add joy and peace to the daily life.

Teenagers are always talking about their freedom usually, in context of how their parents and elders are obstacles. The minute you give children a “curfew” or object to their clothes or hair, or do not allow them to go away for the weekend you become the “Evil Dictator”. So what is all this about? Well practically, the younger getting less or elders getting tougher. It’s none of these. What we have here is a generation gap. When older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits or behavior, so ultimately what comes out is a series of clashes running hay wire all across the world.

In the end we need to look earnestly and honestly at ourselves and try to discard this gap.

Steps should be taken to reduce the gap. Efforts should be taken by both, the parents as well as the children.

  1. To understand and respect each other.
  2. To share their problems and feelings.
  3. To communicate with each other.
  4. To spend time with each other.
  5. To give respect to traditional values, morals and ethics.

Knowing that our children and youth will inherit the future, let's put our minds together and design a way to ensure peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.

Mrs. Jyoti Johnson
(P.G.T. Sociology)
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