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Sr. Arlene, Principal

Dear Readers

The Academic year 2019-2020 is not just a year that begins with a bang and a list of resolutions for your ward’s betterment and then ends with the year you find that you have not yet reached half the way in fulfilling the goal you had set. But it’s a year that the Lord has gifted to you to make a difference in the life and the relationship you cherish with your ward. There are many opportunities and openings that are laid before you to reach out and pick the right one for your daughter…….summer camps………health camps……..coaching classes………adventure trips and the list goes on and on. But is this what your child wants or is looking up to you for her needs?

No….not at all, your child seeks something more. She needs YOU; she needs you as a friend, a person she can rely on. She needs you to ‘walk with her’. Yes, that’s what she is looking for. She needs your time, your energy, she needs a space in her life where she can be herself, where the entire world does not matter but it’s you and you alone. All the gifts, the gadgets, the glamour will not fascinate her for a long time. Those are just flying attractions or timely drops of consolations but the cry behind all the tantrums, the flight towards loneliness and depression is that your child is looking out for YOU to be with her when she walks life’s road, faces the trials and the bustles in life or the problems that crop up at every crossroads or by-lanes.

The question that rises next is how can you as Mother or Father or even Guardian or Well wisher cope up in giving all the attention to your daughter/ward and also fulfill the herculean task of keeping up to the standards and the demands of the society spiritually, economically and socially.

Questions and questions will all pop up and hull you down but always remember that your daughter is a gift from God. He has found you worthy and felt that you are the best person to look after His beloved child.

P – Pray to God, for the strength to endure all struggles for the well being of your child.

R – Respect her ideas and views, even though you may not feel it practical or worthy.

O – Open your mind to accept your daughter as she is with all her talents and failures.

T – To be able to spend time with her, listen to her silence and her unspoken words.

E – Encourage her to venture into the unknown assuring her of your support.

C – Confide in her your dreams, your expectations and your goals for her good.

T – Trust her and allow this value to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

God Bless You

Sr. Arlene


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