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Principal's Message


Sister Ramona, Principal

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (Jn 10:10)

Dear Parents, Students and Well wishers,

The goal of education is to teach students to live and discover the deeper meaning of life and transcendence, to learn to interact with others, love Mother Earth, think freely and critically, find fulfillment in work, plan their future or in one word, to learn ‘to be’. Albert Einstein has said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he had learned in school.”The students who pass through the portals of St. Angela Sophia every year carry a deep rooted regard for the institution which speaks volumes about their alma mater. It is because of the education they receive and the values of honesty fairness, justice, forgiveness, sharing and love that remain with them during the journey of their life.Every child blooms in the atmosphere of openess, imagination and innovative ways.Just as the butterflies spend their days exploring new vistas and scaling to new heights, students are given a platform through different clubs and co-curriculum activities to rise higher.

Through creative activities team spirit and value of sharing develop. They become more confident, responsible and eager to do or try out innovative ways with their newly found healthy self esteem.

Being conscious of God given talents, the students learn to acknowledge the creator for His blessings. Knowing that they are God’s creation, they develop a positive attitude towards the whole Cosmos. The feeling of oneness and unity is nurtured. To quote Michael Cars, “All children are gifted. Some just open their packages, earlier than the others.”

Life is a forward march and our students imbibe splendid values at every junction. Sophia means wisdom. Wisdom is a book with lessons like honesty, magnanimity, humility, accountability and above all Love. Each Sophians is equipped with the values which make her wise and a good child of God.

Dear students, “Life may be full of deserts but to create oasis in it is in our hands.”Go forward and create a world full of oases of love and understanding.

God Bless You

Sr. Ramona


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