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Sr. Arlene, Principal

Dear Readers

“Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”

The Lord has indeed been gracious to us in granting us another year to experience His tremendous Love in and through the events of life. It’s a chance to live Life, to give Life and to celebrate Life.

As we wonder at the How’s and What’s in living Life, we are drawn towards the words from the Holy Bible: 3 John 16-“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life”. The life we live is not all about living in a world of cares and worries or just moving with the winds of time, but it’s a step further, it’s a life where we live every moment to its fullness, be it in good times and not so good times. The life we live is a gift of God and we are bound to live life in accordance to the will of God. We please God if we do adhere to the plan of the Almighty, in service to the humankind and in celebrating the mercies of the Lord.

As an integral part of the Angelite family, it’s the bounded duty of every parent, teacher, well wisher to co operate with the Institution to bring out the best in each child. Here at St Angela we aim at a Holistic development of mind and body, every aspect of the child, be it intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, psychological or social. Every child that comes to us is a replica of God and we take the utmost care that no unbecoming words or deeds should ever tarnish her personality.

To quote Dorothy H Cohen, “No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interest”.

In the involvement of parents in the school governance, it’s vital to have parents whose thoughts and values are driven towards the good of the children and the society at large. A strong and determined band of parents/ well wishers, with a focused mindset and neutral standing will be a positive motivational force in getting the children on the road towards a rapid and fast moving world.

Children look towards parents and teachers as role models. If we find them not focused, ill mannered or not motivated, then it’s time we need to introspect and see the life we are leading. Are we true models for the future generations? Have we been walking the right path towards justice, truth, love and forgiveness or are we counter witnesses. We need not test our authenticity in laboratories; all we got to do is to see the results in the eyes of our children, the youth and the future leaders of the nation and the world at large.

May this year be a year with a difference, a time where understanding over rules misunderstanding, truth over beats falsehood, service eradicates selfishness, and Love rules over all. May God the Almighty lead us and guide us as we cater to every minute need of the children entrusted under our care.

God Bless You

Sr. Arlene


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