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Dear Readers,

The Academic year 2019-2020 is not just a year that begins with a bang and a list of resolutions for your ward’s betterment and then ends with the year you find that you have not yet reached half the way in fulfilling the goal you had set. But it’s a year that the Lord has gifted to you to make a difference in the life and the relationship you cherish with your ward. There are many opportunities and openings that are laid before you to reach out and pick the right one for your daughter…….summer camps………health camps……..coaching classes………adventure trips and the list goes on and on. But is this what your child wants or is looking up to you for her needs?

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Sr. Arlene, Principal



When we talk of the month of May, the idea that comes first and foremost in our minds is that of the season of summer, a month of holidaying, the heat that makes life difficult, a time to rid ourselves of winter wear and change our wardrobes with light linens and soothing colours, a moment to think healthy and drink healthy.

As I ponder on the deep meaning of the significance of the month of May with its essentials, I realize that ‘Heat brings to mind Laboring to bring about fruit, fruit in abundance’. The Lord stresses on doing manual labor in order to bring about a healthy body and a healthy mindset. In the Holy Scriptures, manual work holds a high position, a value to be imbibed in every human being for betterment of the soul and the body, the mind and relationship in society.

A vivid example is that of a potter as he sets out to prepare a pot. The clay he takes in hand and looks at it diligently and then he places it on the potter’s wheel where the lump of clay slowly and firmly turns into something different. The firm hands of the potter gets into creating a pot of value either to hold water or grain or liquid or even to bake a meal or store some treasures. The use of the pot is only known to the potter, the pot is fashioned as per the idea and the view of the potter himself. Then when the potter is satisfied he sets it to dry in the scorching heat. The stronger the heat the better is for the pot. Later the pot is put into a furnace that’s even more heated up, perhaps twice or thrice the normal temperature. Now when the pot is taken out its firm and ready to be used or furnished more as per the need of the potter.

The same goes with all precious and valuable things. For an item to be of value the item ought to undergo hardships and trials of severe intensity. The formation of a pearl of great price is the result of a deep struggle and pain of an oyster, the birth of a baby, too is the result of hard and tiresome exhaustion of a mother. She struggles between life and death and in the midst of that deep agony there comes forth the birth of a beautiful babe, a symbol of love and life.

As we enter into the month of May, the world recognizes with love ‘Labors Day’, a time of acknowledgement to all workers, especially those who do manual work in factories or mines or even those in construction or maintenance, those who labor tirelessly to make ends meet for their families and themselves, those who are unemployed and seeking jobs. The society goes a step forward to reward all laborers for their constant support and hard labor to bring about safety and cleanliness. The works of their labors enables us to live a life of comfort and surety.

We pray the good Lord to bless all Labors with good health of mind and body and bless their families too.




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