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Dear Readers,

“Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”

The Lord has indeed been gracious to us in granting us another year to experience His tremendous Love in and through the events of life. It’s a chance to live Life, to give Life and to celebrate Life.

As we wonder at the How’s and What’s in living Life, we are drawn towards the words from the Holy Bible: 3 John 16-“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life”. The life we live is not all about living in a world of cares and worries or just moving with the winds of time, but it’s a step further, it’s a life where we live every moment to its fullness, be it in good times and not so good times. The life we live is a gift of God and we are bound to live life in accordance to the will of God. We please God if we do adhere to the plan of the Almighty, in service to the humankind and in celebrating the mercies of the Lord. Read the full message.


Sr. Arlene, Principal



5TH September 2018.

Quoting Mother Teresa, “It’s not how much you do, but how much love you put into, that really counts”.

Yes my dear Teachers, you have indeed walked a mile or rather a million miles to get your students excel in the subjects you teach, and the values you impart. It’s been years of hard labour and toil to get students come on line in facing the boards, appearing for competitions/tournaments, preparing for activities both in class and out of class. A multi faced responsibility with a touch of perfection and a spark of love that has gone a long way in touching and molding the hearts and minds of students down the years.

Teaching is a vocation and not a profession. I emphasis the word vocation as it involves your contribution of your entire self. Your expertise, your years of experience, your efficiency in dealing with each child in a particular way, no matter whether it’s during school hours or out of school hours. You are there with them in times of rewards or defeats, success or failure, joys or pain. Teaching does not only imply to a 7.20am to 1.45pm duty time, but a 24X7 duty time. Time spent in corrections, preparing for the next day lessons, reviewing tasks and responsibilities that have been completed or yet to complete, analyzing ways and means to get better results especially from the less attentive and distracted students, handling parents and guardians to double their efforts regarding their children’s performance are all the added works you have been diligently involved in.

On entering as a Staff member at St. Angela’s, you have beautifully incorporated yourself with the Vision and Mission of Sophia.

Vision - To be signs and bearer of the Good News to the people of all faiths, especially women and girl children.

Mission – To respond to the Gospel values, to live out a preferential love for the poor, to continually discern the needs of our times.

Your contribution to the school is highly appreciated as you minutely seek out students who are not responding in class and bring them to the levels of others through the remedial classes, counseling and guiding students who need your attention, tutor and coach students to face the challenges of exams and life itself.

Special attention to the Office Staff who are the mirror of the Institution, your contribution goes a long way in getting in line, the works of the school, dealing with the departments and bridging the parents with the school. Your effective works and up to date agenda, have indeed helped the school to reach heights of excellence through your professional and accurate mode of working.

I would like to end with another quote, “As speakers and educators, we aren’t the wings. We are the wind beneath the wings”. – Rosanne Emmerich.

God Bless
Sr Arlene.


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