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Dear Readers,

The Academic year 2019-2020 is not just a year that begins with a bang and a list of resolutions for your ward’s betterment and then ends with the year you find that you have not yet reached half the way in fulfilling the goal you had set. But it’s a year that the Lord has gifted to you to make a difference in the life and the relationship you cherish with your ward. There are many opportunities and openings that are laid before you to reach out and pick the right one for your daughter…….summer camps………health camps……..coaching classes………adventure trips and the list goes on and on. But is this what your child wants or is looking up to you for her needs?

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Sr. Arlene, Principal


Welcome July!

It’s still hot and humid, with hopes of showers of rain and drizzles. Schools open after the summer break, a time for students to pack their bags, get their wardrobes ready with their school uniform and their formal clothes- the daily lunch box and the alarms that give the rings to jump out of the beds, mothers rushing in getting the kids ready on the horn of the school buses. Yes, here goes by the holiday routine with fun and frolic not missing out an hour or two of holiday home works to be completed.

July comes in with a lot of changes in the daily routine in the life of:-

Student – Time to reschedule the daily timetable of squeezing in with an increase in study time and reducing on the leisure time. Planning for future ventures opting of subjects and faculties or may be preparing for competitive exams or even interviews. At every junction of life there is a need to discern, review, plan and execute what’s best in life.

Adult – July brings to mind that almost half the year has passed. The best time to review the past months and plan to venture into the next half of the year with a broad perspective of pros and cons, positive and negative turns in life’s voyage. In the area of finance and economy a broad stretch of budgeting would be the best option to be able to see through an opening for better results.

Professionals – Every moment would be a risk, like do…..or not do……., be….or not to be, all aiming at the profits and positive returns, be it with clients at the desk, work place or even on the field. For a professional it’s the opportunities that take the priority and with the right decision and a clear foresight and the backing of experiences launches into the depth for success.

With regards to the teaching profession, a teacher having enjoyed a summer break with arms and feet at ease, gets her limbs ready for another set of planning and executing the lessons and classes that needs updating. Her students wait for her entry into class, to tackle students of different caliber, answering and sorting out the queries in and out of the syllabus. For a student, a teacher is an all round multi talented idol, be it in class or out. So the teacher finds her/him self always on the cross roads in the life of a student, a walking encyclopedia and a place where all problems are solved.

Here comes the month of July, a time of surprises and adventures in every field of life. A month of expectations and ideas and a year half lived with the next half yet to be lived.

God bless

Sr. Arlene


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