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CBSE Results 2018
Class X
Class XII

Principal's Message

Dear Readers,

“Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”

The Lord has indeed been gracious to us in granting us another year to experience His tremendous Love in and through the events of life. It’s a chance to live Life, to give Life and to celebrate Life.

As we wonder at the How’s and What’s in living Life, we are drawn towards the words from the Holy Bible: 3 John 16-“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life”. The life we live is not all about living in a world of cares and worries or just moving with the winds of time, but it’s a step further, it’s a life where we live every moment to its fullness, be it in good times and not so good times. The life we live is a gift of God and we are bound to live life in accordance to the will of God. We please God if we do adhere to the plan of the Almighty, in service to the humankind and in celebrating the mercies of the Lord. Read the full message.


Sr. Arlene, Principal



With a heart of gratitude and praise on my lips, I am here to express my deep love for the fore fathers of the nation who have zealously worked and toiled with sweat and blood to bring us into a haven where we breathe the air of freedom.

I would like to thank our chief Guest Mrs. Rashmi Nawal, Ex-Angelite (Batch – 2006), Civil Judge and Metropolitan Magistrate, Rajasthan High Court for gracing this event here at St Angela’s. Your presence here has made a mark in the history of our school. Thank you, madam.

The yester years bring a mixture of emotions and flood our minds with a patriotic touch, but at the same time sends en electric current down our spines with questions like :-

Did our national leaders whom we salute today fight for freedom only to bring about a nation divided within itself on basis of petty trifles?

Are we as citizens of India content with what the present scenario looks like?

Can we just sit and wait for events and happenings of today go from bad to worst be it in social life, economic setting, political games etc?

I am sure you will agree with me that we need to stand up and walk the path of change rather a radical change for the betterment of our country. There are hundreds and thousands of students passing through the portals of different schools, colleges, universities and I am sure they move out with moral and ethical values. These values are to be then carried out in life for the good of self, society, nation and the world at large.

We all depend on you my dear students, the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow. You are the ones to bring about a change for the better, to take our country to higher heights in fields of education, science and technology, economy and globalization, politics and administration.

The need of the hour is to work towards a green and clean environment. This is an urgent and most striking topic, that, if this need is not taken seriously we will all be doomed. The earth needs our attention to create an environment for pro life, a place where fauna and flora has a space to create and recreate to its fullness.

Today we also remember with love Mary our mother whose feast day we celebrate. She is honored by God and is given the special privilege of being taken to heaven with body and mind. We pray that Mary our mother may intercede for all of us in our quest towards building up a society of justice, peace and love.

I extend my thanks and gratitude to the Students who have put up a meaningful and memorable programme and to our Staff who have labored to get the best out of our students, a loud applause to them all. Thank you.

Jai Hind!!!!!!


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